Marcin Pukaluk - composer, performer and music producer

"The listener’s emotions are with me while composing. I make the music go through all the states of mind that are deeply rooted in his/her experiences and feelings. Euphoria crosses melancholia here and cheerful, bright moments intersect with passionate and fiery rhythms."

phone.: +48 692 423 124


About me

Marcin Pukaluk – composer, performer, producer. His portfolio includes music for films, computer games, events and commercials. As a true silent films fan he is often on tour with his own live music for a number of silent masterpieces.
With a strong musicological background he is able combine different kinds of musical inspirations (classic, ambient, folk and pop) to produce music that is diverse both in terms of style and structure. In his work there are sentimental, Slavonic melodies right beside monumental, orchestra pieces. Passionate, exuberant rock tracks are to be found next to soft, spatial electronic sounds.   
When interviewed he points out that the very key to understand his music is what you see on the screen. This is the picture, the image that often determines the final composition of the music making it very much illustrative.