Marcin Pukaluk - composer, performer and music producer

"The listener’s emotions are with me while composing. I make the music go through all the states of mind that are deeply rooted in his/her experiences and feelings. Euphoria crosses melancholia here and cheerful, bright moments intersect with passionate and fiery rhythms."

phone.: +48 692 423 124



I also scored:

I have performed 150 live music shows so far at some of the most prominent studio cinemas in Poland – Muza (Poznan), Cytryna (Lodz), Kinoteka (Warsaw), Kino Pod Baranami (Krakow), Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe (Wroclaw), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej (Toruń), Chatka Żaka (Lublin), Forum (Bialystok), Zamek Książąt Pomorskich (Szczecin).

My performances have been part of the following: American Film Festival, Sputnik nad Polską, Plus Camerimage, Polish Films Festival "Wisła" in Russia (Moscow, Irkutsk), Pordenone Silent Film Festival (Italy), Polish Film Festival in America (Chicago), Minsk International Film Festival "Listopad", Polish Film Weeks (Helsinki) and the Mute Nights festival in Odessa.